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It is with the utmost respect that I release my latest recording and lyric video entitled, "They Were Children".  A song to honour the memory of the children who died in Canada’s residential schools, and those who survived.

The release of “They Were Children” is aligned with the first anniversary of the The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (i.e., September 30, 2022). 

I hope you are able to take a moment to listen. Be well. Take care of each other.  



What others are saying about “They Were Children”:  

“This is so sad yet powerful, thanks for sharing!” M.K. 

“Good day Paul. I listened to your song yesterday, “They Were Children”. Absolutely beautiful, I felt for the first time the emotions that accompany such tragedy. I think the news didn’t capture the feelings like you have. I will be sharing the YouTube with friends and family. Your gift of this song and music must be shared. Thank you and I hope it’s well received. Here’s to a kind day.” M.A.

“It’s a beautiful tune, beautifully recorded, featuring some beautiful flute playing, in a folk ballad style, but with full production.” J.N.  

“It’s a statement that had to come out, compelled to come out.” A.A.  

“A powerful sonic and lyrical reminder in this thoughtful anthem for the ages.” J.T.  

“This moving tribute weighs the graveness of history against the optimism of reconciliation.” P.S. 

"They Were Children"  Written and Performed by Paul Irvine

© Paul Irvine / One Eye Music 2022 - SOCAN - Released on Hammerhead Records - Toronto, Canada   

© ℗ Paul Irvine 2022 - All Rights Reserved

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Hello & Welcome! 

I'm thrilled to present my new single, "Fanfare For Norval Morrisseau". Check out the video above. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, and other digital outlets. Feel free to share and like as you please. You can also download / listen through my Store tab.

"Fanfare For Norval Morrisseau" recalls an encounter on the astral plane with the great Ojibway shaman-artist. It is a song of respect and admiration, a drum song, a healing song. 

The paintings of Norval Morrisseau, Copper Thunderbird (spirit name), have always connected with me, igniting a deep sense of ancient wonder, allowing me an entry point to reflect on my Ojibway heritage. "Fanfare For Norval Morrisseau" celebrates his extraordinary contributions to art and culture in Canada and abroad.

Check out the "About Songs" tab for more info on how "Fanfare For Norval Morrisseau" came to be.

I hope you enjoy the song and video. Be well. Take care of each other. 



"Fanfare for Norval Morrisseau"  Written and Performed by Paul Irvine

© Paul Irvine / One Eye Music 2020 - SOCAN - Released on Hammerhead Records - Toronto, Canada  

© ℗ Paul Irvine 2020 - All Rights Reserved

My new single, "I Got Stoned", released April 20, 2018. Check out the video for "I Got Stoned" above. 

Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, etc. Share and like as you please. Paul

"I Got Stoned"  Written and Performed by Paul Irvine 

© Paul Irvine / One Eye Music 2018 - SOCAN - Released on Hammerhead Records - Toronto, Canada   

© ℗ Paul Irvine 2018 - All Rights Reserved

Check out my video: WE WILL HAVE OURSELVES A FLOOD. 

This represents my debut as a director and features veteran actors, John Tench and Tony Nappo as Minister of War and Banker, respectively. Brian Neller plays the devilish Mystery Man; Toronto Film School grad, Heather Byrne is the Minister's Secretary; Atika Irvine-Tench plays the Operations Room Coordinator and Jack Irvine-Tench appears as the ever stoic propeller-carrying Wireless Operator Airman. 

Damian Jacobs soldiered on as cameraman and editor, scaling walls to film the air raid siren and trudging through bogs to get that perfect angle shot. What a trooper! Arkadio Ambienti set the lights to perfection. 

SYNOPSIS: The Minister of War and his pal, the Banker, conjure up a scheme to enlist the services of a shady character who will guarantee victory, provided they sign a declaration before midnight.


Paul Irvine......................................Himself 
Minister of War...............................John Tench 
Banker............................................Tony Nappo 
Mystery Man...................................Brian Neller 
Minister's Secretary.........................Heather Byrne 
Wireless Operator Airman................Jack Irvine-Tench 
Operations Room Coordinator..........Atika Irvine-Tench 
Written, produced & directed by Paul Irvine 
Camera & Editing by Damian Jacobs 
Lighting by Arkadio Ambienti & Damian Jacobs 
Production & Script Assistant: Atika Irvine-Tench 
Special Thanks to: 

The Salvage Shop - Toronto 
(for use of their antiques collection) 

Community Centre 55 - Toronto 
(for the Air Raid Siren) 
Produced, engineered & mixed by Paul Irvine 
Mastered by Jeff Wolpert / Desert Fish Studios 

"We Will Have Ourselves A Flood"  Written and Performed by Paul Irvine 

© Paul Irvine / One Eye Music 2015 - SOCAN - Released on Hammerhead Records - Toronto, Canada   

© ℗ Paul Irvine 2015 - All Rights Reserved

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