Hello Paul, I finally listened to your album my friend, and I did like it a lot - song #5 (Save The Laugh Track) can't take it out of my head - u have a great tone in your voice, and great musicianship. Congrats!!!! - (Grammy & Juno winner) Alex Cuba (www.alexcuba.com)

Fantastic performances, writing, production, sounds, feel, and vibe. It's remarkable that you did it all yourself. Amazing, actually. Congratulations on an album filled with heart, soul and joy. Truly refreshing and inspiring! - Philip Sayce (http://philipsayce.com/)

Hey, Paul: I listened to your CD...and that is truly an amazing piece of work!...(Nice flute playing too!)... Bill McBirnie - Extreme Flute  (http://www.extremeflute.com)

"I had no idea your voice had such resonance and sultry personality! You remind me of a young Paul Simon." (Emmy winner) Stevie Vallance - (www.stevievallance.com)

"I listened to your music and it's beautiful.  I found it honest, touching and with a sense of hope and wonder that makes me think of childhood." - Danielle McKee, LA-based Songwriter / Artist / Sommelier

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