Paul Irvine - I Got Stoned / We Will Have Ourselves A Flood / Faux Pop - Vol. 1

Paul Irvine - I Got Stoned

Released 4/20/18 - Recorded prior to this and written before that.

Paul Irvine - We Will Have Ourselves A Flood

Recorded early in 2015 using a restored and recalibrated vintage Moog synthesizer to accentuate the bottom end, a pared-down drum kit, upright piano and whammified Strat to provide the backdrop for lyrics drawn from the intersection of politics, finance and war.

Paul Irvine - Faux Pop - Vol. 1

"This collection of songs was written and recorded between the living room and workshop during off-hours", states the CD text to Paul Irvine's debut album, Faux Pop - Vol. 1. The album was recorded entirely at home with Paul performing all vocals and instruments (except bass guitar on most songs, cello on "When The Conversation Ends" featuring Mike Olsen (Hidden Cameras, Arcade Fire), and horn section on "Wrong Side Of Love", "Save The Laugh Track" and "Hey There John" featuring members of the Shuffle Demons). He wrote, arranged, engineered, produced and mixed all songs. "Between 2008 and 2012, I set about recording the songs that form Faux Pop - Vol. 1, but the writing actually began in 2004," he notes. The album contains 14 storied songs that cover a wide range of topics. The musical arrangements and accompaniments, along with catchy and sing-able lyrics and vocals are evocative of early solo Paul McCartney, The Beatles, The Band and Randy Newman. The album makes good use of the folk, pop and rock genres, with jazz and blues overtones, all contained within the song format.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Paul employed his 120-year old upright piano, along with his "odds and ends" drum kit, to lay down a solid rhythm foundation for each song on Faux Pop - Vol. 1. "I studied percussion from an early age. In fact, I was a grade-school drum roadie; my dad was a weekend jazz drummer, so I would help with the load-in. I made a mental note at that time not to pursue drumming as a career path - far too much work." Instead, flute and saxophone became his forte. He went on to record and tour with many notable artists, including Corey Hart and Ronnie Hawkins, among others. On Faux Pop - Vol. 1, Paul demonstrates his untapped skill as a vocalist: "I'm a little more comfortable singing now than I was a few years ago. I think of my voice as an instrument that happens to use words as part of its sound."

There are some real gems on this wholly original debut album and while the listener will form their own opinion, one thing is for certain: Faux Pop - Vol. 1 is an exceedingly enjoyable listening experience. It is Triple Eh "A" Canadiana: Accessible, Adventurous, Au Courant! Presented under a deceptively misdescriptive title, the songs that are Paul Irvine's Faux Pop - Vol. 1,are at once memorable and more than worthy of a wide listening audience.




Vocals, 1892 Nordheimer upright piano (named June), drums, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, alto and concert flutes, tenor sax solo, clarinet, percussion, jaw harp, Elka organ, vocorder, melodica, Pavlov's dog-bell, glockenspiel: PAUL IRVINE

Bass tracks 1, 5, 8, 10, 11 & 14 (Fretless Bass Interludes): KEN WANNAMAKER

Bass tracks 3, 4, 9, 12 & 13: RON GOSLING

Horn section tracks 3, 5, 8 & 11: RICHARD UNDERHILL-Alto sax; PERRY WHITE-Tenor sax; BRYDEN BAIRD-Trumpet; STEVE DONALD-Trombone

Cellos track 9: MIKE OLSEN

Pavlov's dog bark track 5; piano during interlude track 1; handclaps tracks 5 & 6; field drums track 13: JACK IRVINE-TENCH

Handclaps tracks 5 & 6: ATIKA IRVINE-TENCH

Band, Horn Section and Cello arrangements: PAUL IRVINE

Production Assistant: ATIKA IRVINE-TENCH

Mastered by JEFF WOLPERT at Desert Fish Studios

Produced, Engineered, Arranged and Mixed: PAUL IRVINE

Cover photo: GREG RYAN Headphone photo: ALLAN FRANK Circle image photo: PAUL IRVINE

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